Trong này có bác nào đã thử dùng firmware Magic Lantern cho máy DSLR Canon chưa ạ. Em đang thí nghiệm trên con Canon 5D II và thấy khá thú vị. Có nhiều chức năng khá hay như Focus peaking, trap focus, follow focus .....

Audio: disable AGC, audio meters, manual audio controls, selectable input source (internal, internal+external, external stereo, balanced), audio monitoring via A/V cable.
Exposure helpers: ETTR, zebras, false color, histogram, waveform, spotmeter, vectorscope.
Focus tools: focus peaking, zoom while recording, trap focus, rack_focus, follow_focus, stack_focus.
Movie helpers: Bitrate control, movie logging (Exif-like metadata), auto-restart after buffer overflow or 4 GB limit, HDR video, advanced FPS control.
LiveView adjustments: contrast, saturation, display gain for using LiveView in darkness.
Cropmark images: user-editable overlays to assist framing and composition.
Fine control for ISO, Shutter, Kelvin white balance and other image settings.
Bracketing: advanced exposure bracketing, focus stacking.
Remote release with LCD face sensor and audio trigger, without extra hardware.
Timelapse: intervalometer (for photos and movies), bulb ramping (manual and automatic), recording at very low FPS (down to 0.2 FPS), silent pictures without shutter actuation.
Astro- and night photography: bulb timer for very long exposures (up to 8h).
Info displays: focus and DOF info, CMOS temperature, shutter count, clock.
For strobists: flash exposure compensation, range up to -10 to +3 EV (depends on the camera).
Power saving: Turn off display or reduce backlight in LiveView during idle times.
Handy features: Quick zoom in PLAY mode, key shortcuts for commonly-used features, customizable menus.
And much more!